Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tunnel of Legs

Rugby went to the groomers for the first time since I got him yesterday. He went to the same place that Pete goes, and he looks good!! It for sure looks better than when I do him. I went ahead and made a nother appointment for him in 8 weeks. I might move it though since it will end up being a week before his Open debut..and maybe having a little more hair will help him save a few points? Only problem now is that I think Rugby is a little cold, so he has been wearing his sweater.
Besides that we have moved a little bit ahead in our articles. Now we can put it anywhere between 6-12 on the clock (the left half). He isn't using his nose yet, but I am sure he will get it eventually!
I have stopped using the verbal stand when we practice our signals, and he was just introduced to the down signal today.
We picked "Sevens" as our go out command. This way in the ring, I will be saying "Rugby, Sevens".....which is his registered name. :p We are using the retrieve to teach the go out, and our 'targets' are wooden sticks the same length of his dumbell that he goes out to retrieve. I put a few out at a time so that I can send him multiple times and not have to walk back and forth. Rugby was so eager to retrieve his go out targets that he would come back with 2! Now that he is going out and retrieving on the Sevens command, we are adding the sit randomly too.
We are trying to get the most out of this winter break, and are trying to stay busy to make up for the boring school days that are steadily approaching. It was really warm today (50*) and we started the day off at the barn. Once we left there Rugby went with me on a couple of errands, and we ended up at the park that is about 7 min. from our house.

It was wonderful being able to work outside with the 'spring' weather. We set up our open jumps and went through all of our open exercises. We did a couple of them twice/three times, etc. They we stopped and did go outs, gloves and signals. Once I decided we had killed those for the day we went back and did all of our open exercises again.
Apparently we had an audience that I was unaware of, becuase by the time we had gone through our second set of open exercises, and guy stepped out of his car and applauded Rugby! Didn't help with Rugby's big ego though.
We finished with a lap around the soccer field, then headed back home for a quick break before going to class.

We did a lot of good heeling when we were at the park (taking advantage of the space and weather), but when we got to class during our run through, Cabot was able to be distraction enough to get Rugby to lag/go wide when we walked past him. I gave Rugby the evil eye, and he didn't do it again...but...once was too much for me.

This was the fun part. Just before we left to go to class, Jasmine came in the room and quickly made it to the other side by sliding under Caruso. Inspired, I proposed that we create a tunnel of sorts for Rugby to do a recall through. It took us a couple tried, but they all did it eventually! Now we just need to find some more big dogs and make a longer tunnel!! There is video evidence too, so hopefully it will make its way online.

Rugby was soooooooooo tired after today. He was in his carseat, with his eyes close and his head falling slowly on the way home. He stayed awake just long enough to eat his dinner, and has been sleeping ever since!


  1. I love that picture!

    It sounds like Rugby is working really hard!

    We envy your springlike weather!

  2. Oh, we love the picture of you going through the other dog's legs! That's adorable and looks like so much fun.

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  3. That is so neat!!! I need to find me some willing Great Danes so that Dante can do some "dog tunneling" as well :p

  4. Great tunnel! I taught Brutus how to jump over my lab, Mason. Funny how "training" can come in handy sometimes, too - used to have sound reactivity problems with Brutus, now I just put him in a down/stay & can vacuum or use the blender in peace. And it's good distraction practice too!! I've always said, a tired dog is a happy dog!!

  5. Hi! I follow your blog. How are you and Rugby doing?

  6. My name is Rita. Sorry! My post didn't list my name.