Monday, March 15, 2010

Foster #2

Doobie found a good home somewhere in PA, and my friend got her next foster over the weekend. Rugby and I went to visit her yesterday. I can't for the life of me get her name straight so we will just call her foster #2. She is five months old, and wanted Rugby to play with her really bad. He wasn't opposed to it at first, but she just had no manners, so Rugby helped her to learn.

He had done a good job of keeping her in line, but she wasn't learning fast enough. So I intervened and put Rugby in a crate to give him a break from her.
As he waited, we tried to tire her out. She chased this ball, but she wasn't really up for picking it up.
We took less photos of her than of Doobie, but the rest are here.

Seems like I found Rugby for good the other day, since his new improved attitude has been sticking around. If he works at the show like he worked today in practice I will be more than pleased with him. I would be EXTRA happy if he can polish up his slow transition though. We are going to work on that more tomorrow.  


  1. He looks so adorable sticking his tongue out while in the crate!

  2. Those two both got a workout!yansaw

  3. This appears to be a terrier mix suffering from very uneven growth in front legs. This type of growth problems can be caused by several different things. The very first two that come to mind would be too rich a food and too much of it at the wrong time or a genetic mis-match. The second being the more likely.

    Of course, that just doesn't fit with the more PC belief that this was a purposefully bred mutt who was somehow abused via, and here you get to fill in your own fantasy, from birth until the saviors arrived to whisk him away. BAH! HUMBUG!

    Hope he ends up in a home soon. Hope they know the right Vet and they get the legs casted before it is too late so they get straightened. Hope they FORGET all the fairy stories about his past and work hard to give him a mentally healthy as well as physically healthy life.

    Of course, mentally and physically good health depend on teaching, making sure there are clear rules, and most of all, no coddling, pampering or allowing misbehavior for things imagined to have happened in the past. Good Luck!

  4. Hey Rugby, I can hear that pup saying, You're not the boss of me!" But you sure showed him different.


  5. Happy to hear that Doobie found a good home! This new foster looks like a lot of fun lol Glad Rugby is there to keep everybody in line ;)