Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pep Talk

It was BEAUTIFUL outside today - sunny and 57*. Rugby and I went to my school today (it is spring break so not too many people were there) and we set up our jumps in the parking lot and did the whole open routine. He did really well, so we packed it up and moved to the opposite side of campus and did it again. This time one of the bus drivers pulled her bus over and watched us for a good 10 minutes before finally interupting to ask how in the world did I get him to do those things?! We told her lots and lots of practice, and gave her Margot's card for the puppy she is thinking about getting. He did his open routine even better the second time, so we packed it up one last time and took a stroll around campus practicing out of sight stays were it was convenient. Stays were good, especially since he was doing them all by himself in a place he had never been before. *Insert BIG sigh of relief*

We are leaving tomorrow morning, but we can't forget the most important part of the pre-trial preparations to get us in the right frame of mind...

The Pep Talk

The talk goes something like this:

Me: "Rugby, you know what time it is?"
Me: "Its game time"
Me: "Rugby, what are you?"
Me: "Thats right, a winner!"
Me: "Rugby, are you going to bring it?"
Me: "Ok, good"
Me: "Alright, lets go!" *pound it* (one of Rugby's coolest tricks)

As you can see, Rugby doesn't participate much in the pep talk He mostly just listens. :p

It goes way further than just the pep talk though. We downloaded Rugby's theme songs for the ride up there too. His two favorites are below, but there is whole playlist dedicated to pre-trialing.
Imma Star by Jermih
Chillin by Wale and Lady Gaga

Time to go give Rugby a bath and finish getting out stuff together. I'm not sure if our hotel has internet but if we do then the blog will get a day by day update. If not, then everyone has to wait till Sunday to find out.


  1. Love your pep talk! We wish you lots of luck, but doubt you'll need it!

  2. Good luck you two! And don't forget to have fun :)

    Emma Rose

  3. Can't wait to hear the update! Hope you had a great trial and Rugby proved what an obedience rock star he truly is!!

    Michelle & Brutus