Sunday, March 7, 2010

Its Time!!!

I have started giving Rugby Flea Treats (one in the morning and one at night) as well as a probiotic in a treat form once a day. He really likes both of these treats and he has started in the past couple weeks expecting them.

He usually lets me sleep till whenever I want, except for the past 3 days - has been waking me up! In the past this has always meant, I REALLLLLY NEED TO GO - GET UP RIGHT NOW AND TAKE ME OR ELSE! Three days in a row though? And I KNOW he used the bathroom when I took him out around midnight last night so what exactly is the rush??

This morning he finally got me up and he raced me up the stairs and went straight over to the couch (where the treats are usually fed) and sat down. He sat there for about 30 seconds wagging his tail probably the fastest I have ever seen it go untill I realized what he wanted all along. He has been waking me because he knows he gets those treats in the morning!! Sure if I let him outside too that is a plus, but it really isn't what he is after. What a jerk!

All I know is that tomorrow, I am ignoring Rugby if he tries again!


  1. He's so smart! See, he has you trained in no time!

  2. Hi Rugby,

    So you are training your mom as she trains you. BOL Good job!

    Love seeing you fetch the cone the other day.


  3. He's a smart little dog! And adorable too!

    Riley and Star.

  4. Those flea treats are really that yummy???? lol

  5. Careful Rugby - I think she's on to you now!

    Emma Rose

  6. No kidding, I guess I can come to accept that I am well trained! :p

    YES! The flea treats are beef liver flavored and he thinks they are delicious!