Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Boys and their balls

You can interpret that how you wish. :p
These pictures are from a little play session after doing some run-throughs over at Fidos.

Rugby spent the whole time doing go-outs. His new thing is when I stop him at the other end of the ring to turn around and lay down instead of sitting facing me. Huh? It makes no sense.

Cabot brought a squeeker with him and the toy dogs had fun being distractions for Sugar. Rugby was more than happy to bark his head off when I blew the air from the squeeker in his face. Cab thought the whole thing was just hilarious and was wiggling his whole entire body. That is what you must resort to when you don't have a tail I guess. LOL

Poor Cabot couldn't pick the ball up so Rugby and Sugar waited patiently (maybe not so patiently) for him to figure it out.

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  1. They definitely look like they're enjoying it, whatever exactly it is they've decided to do! That third picture looks like a conference meeting!