Saturday, July 3, 2010

Earning His Keep and Challenge Prizes

Rugby was invited to put on a show for Kids Corner at our local Trader Joes. Rugby invited Pete to come along and do tricks with him for the kids. Since it was Fourth of July weekend lots of kids were on vacation, but they still got to show off some tricks and get lots of loving from all their adoring fans.

I brought along the 'bar' from my portable bar jumps and had Pete hold it and lay down while Rugby did retrieves over it. Then we did some 'placing' into hula hoops that were scattered about, and drop on recalls and Pete got to clean up by retrieving the hula hoops.

I think what impressed people the most is that neither dog wore a leash the entire time. From the time they hopped out of the car, to when they heeled over to Kids Corner, to the times they were showing off their tricks, and finally to when they heeled back to the car leave.


If you don't know about the 10 dog challenge, then go check it out here.

So it took my foreverrrrr to pick prizes because I was trying to find prizes that were relevant to the challenge. While those prizes are hilarious and do exist, I decided not everyone would appreciate them.

The prize for the first person to complete the challenge is this super cute custom dog tag by Makeyourdogsmile on Etsy.

The next five people that complete the challenge will win this custom dog tag by AoDesigns on Etsy.
Good luck!!!

More info on Koehler Method coming soon!

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