Thursday, July 22, 2010

Out for a ride

My brother got his boating liscense the other day so he took me and Rugby on Rugby's very first boat ride yesterday. While there was no attempt to jump in the water, I think it is time to find him a life jacket of his own.

Does anyone know what kind of bird this is?? Hopefully they eat fish and not little white dogs!


  1. Rugby's such a party animal! I am guessing the bird is an Osprey. They are water birds who do eat fish...

    I'm always worried about birds of prey trying to steal Cabot 'cause he runs like a bunny!!!!

  2. I'd say it's definitely time for a PFD! I grew up with boats and I am glad that my dad insisted early on that everyone wear them. I know it sounds nerdy and preachy, but accidents happen so quickly, especially around boats. Even a good swimmer, human or canine, can get disoriented or fatigued really easily! Sorry, that sounds so fuddy duddy! The main thing is to have a lot of fun out there on the boat while summer lasts!

  3. It's an Osprey, also known as a Fish Eagle. They do occasionally hunt land animals as big as rabbits or hares, but mostly, fish, fish, and more fish.

    If you see it fly above you and hover, it's looking for food and preparing to dive down and strike. Sitting on a sign like that, it's just chilling and isn't a threat to Rugby.

  4. You look great with the wind blowing through your fur!