Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dog Show Vibes

There is lots of things to see and hear and talk about at a dog show. These are all things that Rugby adores. As it turns out though, he only adores them when he is the one getting all the attention. Lesson learned - if you are going to bring a dog along as emotional support... make sure it is NOT Rugby.

He was perfectly fine hanging out until on the first day I was done with Pete and warming up Lily. That's when it hit him. He had been skipped. He proceeded to throw a tantrum the ENTIRE rest of the show. The only way to satisfy him was to make sure the other dogs were more neglected than he was. For instance, both Pete and Lily had to be put away in their crates and Rugby had to be the one walking around, or sitting with me. No exceptions.

So how did they do?? Lets start with Pete.

Not sure what Pete's deal was this weekend but I think he was half asleep the entire time. Never the less, Pete qualified both days in Open B with a 191.5 the first day and 195 the second day. He was actually called back in the ring for a run-off for 4th place the second day. I was so unprepared I didn't have time to warm him up and he lost to a Border Collie. :/

Flashback to 3 months ago - 
I took Lily on a walk for the first time... that's it... just a walk. The first time we walked by a mailbox was the first time I found Lily at the end of my lead trying with everything she has to get away from that THING that was going to EAT HER ALIVE. We went through this with just about anything and everything we passed (trashcans, gutters, store signs, etc). 

This is what makes me soo happy that 3 months later Lily can walk into the show grounds with all these things that want to eat her and have her training hold enough that she can qualify in Novice B two days in a row with solid scores of 187.5 and 184. Granted, she was stresssssssed out (panting and vibrating the whole time) but it didn't stop her from working! Lily got second place BOTH days!  She improved on the second day even though there was loose dog that wanted badly to jump into her ring!
Two legs down, one to go!

Rugby made sure that he had no part in helping either Pete or Lily, both of whom he was really upset with for stealing me from him. I tried to settle Rugby down by taking a break in between dogs to watch the Dobermans. He did enjoy himself but it wasn't quite enough for him to forgive me.

I think this picture pretty much sums up how Rugby felt. He is saying, "If you take one more dog in the ring that isn't ME, then I am going to think of something really really bad and I am going to do whatever it is to you!"
He will be pleasantly surprised when it is his turn two weeks from now!

Ellie the Yorkie went too with her own human and placed second in Novice A the first day and won the class the second day!!

Go Team Applewoods!!!


  1. GO SAM, GO!! Yay for Pete & Lily!!! So sorry, Rugby, that it wasn't your turn today, but I know you'll knock 'em dead in 2 weeks.

    Cabot knows how neglected you feel. His mom had sugery, and hasn't worked him in 4 days!!

  2. Congratulations for all of you!!!
    But, your stories scared me to death!!!
    And I suppose to try it out for the first time in two weeks.

  3. It sounds like a good time was had by all, well, except for Rugby! I guess you can't always be in the spotlight!

  4. Looks like Team Applewoods is having a really good run! Way to go!

  5. Great results this weekend and I love the Dobe picture :)
    I wanted to let you know we love following your blog and we have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award . See our post today for details and thank you for posting such wonderful blog entries.