Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Uraban Canines was nice enough to pass the Versatility Award on to Rugby.

The rules are as follows -
1) Thanks soooo much Urban Canines! Rugby is flattered!

2) List 7 things about Rugby
 - One of Rugby's favorite toys is a turtle that I refuse to call anything but a spider.
 - Rugby likes to eat baby rabbits for dinner.
 - Rugby eats the heads off the baby rabbits first.
 - Rugby has 14 different leashes (to make up for the fact that his collars get hidden in fur).
 - If something blows air at Rugby, like a squeeky toy, he will immediately go into a play bow and bark his head off.
 - Rugby's name spelled backwards is Ybgur.
 - Rugby likes to be combed better than he likes to be brushed.

3) Lastly is to pick 15 blogs to pass the award on to. In no particular order...

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4) Let everyone know about it!

Thanks again Riva and Kelsa!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for sharing the award!

    I never figured Rugby for a rabbit killer! He just looks so cute and fluffy!