Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Rugby, Sevens"

Rugby let me know after work yesterday that he was feeling pretty neglected since I skipped his training for a couple days. So, I decided to help him use up all that energy he was using to bounce continuously around me and in my face. Since 10:30 pm is as good a time as any to train, we took a walk up to the elementary school with our go-out target sticks, gloves and video camera. The glove video didn't turn out since I didn't bring a big enough tri-pod to be able to see what we were actually doing.

I am happy with the go-outs though! I mentioned a couple days ago that he had begun to lay down on the turn and sit. Yesterday he only did this twice (half the time).

I have only been using the target sticks if he stops before I sit him or if he gets too far off his path.The first go-out we did and the last go-out we did were descent. Eventually we will have to get him going a little bit straighter and sitting a little bit straighter. For now I am just going to worry about getting him out there and actually sitting.

 For the first go-out I walked out to praise him and release him. The two in the middle he dropped. The first time he dropped I gave him a sit signal and the second time I walked out and put him in a sit. The last one he got praise right away for sitting and I walked out to him to release him. That is where we stopped so that he could end on a good note.

GOOD BOY RUGBY!! There is definitely progress being made!


  1. He looks like he's training to go on a covert mission out there in the dark! It's fun to watch him work.

  2. Go outs are just so cool when the dog has them figured out. Love it.