Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Little Rain Never Hurt

Rainy Day

We are motivated after last weekend to keep training, and have made a list of things to work on. While I didn't intend to take a break today, it is raining. We could have done articles in the stair well again, but decided against it. Instead, we went for a walk.

Rainy Day Part of our preparation for future trials is to increase Rugby's stamina. Mostly by taking walks more regularly. I am spoiled since nearly all of Rugby's physical and mental needs can be met inside during bad weather. It is easy enough to do for now, even in the rain. I'm not sure how eager I will be to go walking when it gets to be less than 40* outside, though.

It was only drizzling when we left, and Rugby was excited to stretch his legs without any other dog or human interruptions.  I was surprised no one else was taking advantage of the relatively warm rain we were having. We spent some time at the playground so Rugby could run up and down the hills, and get as wet as he wanted. I tried to encourage him by walking through the puddles, but he did not feeling like joining me today. He must have known what was coming.

When we got home, he went straight to the bathroom and was tortured with a much needed bath and grooming session. He is fully recovered now and resting before heading to Applewoods tonight to help teach the next Middle School Class.


  1. I bet Rugby figured the rain was the bath. :)

  2. For that reason alone, I sometimes wish I had gotten a smaller dog who can be excercised indoors. During the negative temperatures of winter, it would be a nice bonus.

    These photos of the little guy are so pretty. I love how happy he looks in the leaves!