Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lots of Legs

Diesel, Holly and Rugby all had a chance in the ring this weekend at the Cherry Blossom Cluster in Timonium. I entered Rugby on Sunday only so that I could spend the rest of the weekend focused on the two Novice B dogs. The weekend was a big success!

Holly injured her paw two weeks ago and was out of training and on bed rest for the 10 days leading up to the show. Despite reservations about her working with so much time off, her paw was finally better and the entries were already paid. She showed all three days, and qualified for two of them with a 188.5 the first day and a 192 the second day. Very generous of her! Two legs down, only one more to go! We have our next trials planned and will be practicing those pesky Sit/Stays in the mean time.

Rugby earned his 8th UDX leg on Sunday with a 193.5 in Utility B and a 198+++ in Open B for 4 more OTCH points. There was some stiff competition there this weekend, and I'm sorry I missed watching most of the runs while I was busy in the Novice ring.

Diesel had a complete meltdown during Thursday night class last week. He said that Down/Stays were just too stressful and he could no longer do them, no matter how hard he tried. It took almost 20 minutes to get a 3 minute stay out of him that night (something he usually likes to do). We were making emergency training field trips to busy shopping centers to make sure he wasn't completely broken and started him on a running routine to take the edge off. By the time we got to the show on Saturday, he was back to normal and ready to work.

He qualified all three days with scores of 189, 195 (3rd place) and 194.5. That earned him his Companion Dog Title! Good boy, Diesel. Here is the video of his third and final run.

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  1. Go Sam!!!! So sorry I couldn't be ringside to cheer you on. Keep up the great work!