Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Think Big

I walked into Five Guys earlier today and was shocked at the sign announcing the origin of today's potatoes. That is when it hit me. The world can't get enough of Rugby.

I certainly don't blame them. There seems to be enough of Rugby to go around these days with his over-exuberance and willingness to go, go, go the past couple of weeks. 

It wasn't long ago that we found Rugby Rd. We need to think bigger now. Much bigger than the back road three miles from our house. There are cities named after Rugby!

Rugby, North Dakota. Rugby is the geographical center of North America. Based on the city calendar on their website, it is a place where nothing happens, with no tourist attractions.

Rugby, Tennessee. Historic Rugby is a preserved Utopian community. Not much going on here either, but at least there is a lot to learn about life in the 1800s.

Rugby, Warwickshire. The oldest and the biggest of the three, this Rugby is where Rugby was invented.

There is no Rugby in Idaho. The sign actually said Rigby until I edited it. Rigby/Rugby... close enough.