Sunday, April 29, 2012



Diesel stayed with us last weekend for the Obedience Trial. It sparked some interesting changes in Rugby. 

Signs that Rugby is not happy about sharing his house:
  1. Rugby slept in bed with me for the entire night, all weekend instead of his own.
  2. When offered sardines (that he doesn't care for), he ate the entire bowl. 
  3. No toys were anywhere to be found - Rugby put them all away so they would be safe. 
  4. Rugby became a giant suck up. 
I secretly enjoyed watching Rugby deal with Diesel invading his life. Even now that Diesel is back at his own house, Rugby is much more grateful for our one-on-one time. I wonder how long this will last. 


  1. Too funny! Poor Rugby, maybe he'll cherish it for many weeks to come ;)

  2. If you need to make him jealous again you can borrow Sherpa!