Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Looking Forward


In December, I posted about my goals for this upcoming year. It included both a Companion Dog title (CD) and a Companion Dog Excellent title (CDX) on Diesel the German Shepherd Dog, a CD on Holly the Lab and the Utility Dog Excellent title (UDX) and Obedience Trial Championship (OTCH) on Rugby. 

It is time to readjust our goals. 

Even though Diesel was 3/4 of the way ready for his CDX, he has made the switch from Obedience Dog to house dog. I miss working with Diesel. At least I have all the hair he left in my car to remember him by. 

The missing CDX will come with Little Miss Ellie, Rugby's Yorkshire Terrier girl. She has her CD already and has been introduced to Open work. She should have a CDX this year. 

Rugby's goals have shifted entirely. Agility is not nearly as exciting or useful as Obedience, but we are now working towards his MACH. His Obedience work is making, and will continue to make agility easy for us. Just have to get Rugby familiar with all the obstacles first.  I fully expect him to complete his Novice Agility (NA) and Novice Agility Jumper (NAJ) titles this year. I will pursue this goal using the same training methods we did with the OTCH - fair, balanced training and the acknowledgement of a job well done as the reward. It's working for us. 

Here we go! 

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