Monday, August 31, 2009

Gone Swimming

Rugby and I went with Karrie and her dog Lacey and my sister to Downs Park again yesterday. This time specifically for picture taking. He had a great time, as you can see in the pictures.

He does bark too much when we first get anywhere and it is driving me crazy. It is getting less and less but I wish he would just stop all together. We are going to go places this week specifically to work on this. The little bugger.

He didn't really do much training yesterday, just had a good time in the water.

TODAY however, we worked on our scent articles. He did very well. Started getting the article on the 'Find' command, and I think he was using his nose a little to find it in the tall grass. Maybe tomorrow we will apply ourselves a little more :p
The day isn't over though, we are going to go out tonight and work a little on the drop on recall.

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  1. Sam - The time has come to change your tactics with Mr. Rugby. When you take him to one of the places where he wants to 'yell' his arrival to one and all, insist he carry something from the car all the way to where ever you are going. You can start with the dumbbell, but quickly switch to something else.

    After all, if his mouth is full of something that falls under the general heading of work, he will have no time for barking.