Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bedtime... Day 11

Day 11

I bought this bright green crate pad when I first got Rugby along with a bright orange crate pad. I thought I ordered two of the exact same thing, in different colors. That is not what they sent me.

The orange crate pad was exactly what I had expected, both in size and shape. This green one seemed a little smaller and had overstuffed sides, which decreased the size of the bed significantly. I had plans to return it.  There was no way my (then) 4 month old Maltese was going to fit in it, and even if he did fit, he certainly wouldn't fit when he finished growing!

Rugby surprised me though because not only could he fit, but he loved the challenge of squishing himself up to fit in the little tiny bed. He still loves it today, and prefers it over the orange one. Go figure.


  1. It's amazing how they surprise you sometimes! He sure looks adorable on it!

  2. Awww Rubgy looks so adorable!


  3. My big boys love to curl up into little balls and squeeze into the smaller dogs baskets. Silly boys.