Sunday, December 19, 2010

Finals... Day 19

Day 19

For a dog like Rugby, who takes training field trips nearly every day and makes frequent stops over at Applewoods Dog Training... this week as been miserable for him. It is finals week at UMBC and instead of a normal mentally and physically stimulating schedule for Rugby, he has been forced to stay at home and wait for the studying to stop. He has been spending his time trying to distract me for any length of time instead of participating in constructive activities.

If Rugby is lucky, our 25 Days of Christmas photo will involve him doing some sort of work. To accommodate him in this way we are taking a page out of Shiva's book, with her Petmas photo today. Now that we have a tree to decorate, it seems appropriate to break out the lights and ornaments! Perhaps having him help us with the decorating is what Rugby needs to forgive me for being so inattentive to him lately!


  1. Mollie and Bobo can relate. I had a lot of tough classes this semester and things have been a bit crazy. We all enjoyed seeing the lighted Maltese Rugby!

    -Katie the Momma

  2. I love that photo of him! I'm not sure it's legal for any dog to be as cute as Rugby!

    Our girls feel Rugby's pain this week, too. It's not finals for me, it's getting the last week of school done, finishing the shopping, celebrating my sister's birthday going to Christmas parties and a bunch of other stuff, too. It's the most wonderful time of the year! lol

  3. Everyone here feels Rugby's pain! I had finals, too, it was a long, long, long week...and now, for some real Christmas fun!!

  4. Finals.....glad they are over : )


  5. Ugh. Finals. I may have graduated uni over six years ago but the pain of those days is still very clear in my head. I hope they pass by relatively stress-free and you do better than you expect!

    I love this photo, by the way! It's adorable. I wish I had thought of getting Shiva to hold a strand in her mouth. That definitely ups the cuteness factor.

    Thanks for the link!

  6. it happens... I always feel bad when after a few "good" days of varied dog activities I have to put in long days at the office. Not so sure I can get the Frenchies to understand that I have to work in order to play!

    We just LOVE that picture!!