Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's Wet, But Not Raining

There was a pause in the rain this afternoon, so Rugby and I didn't waste any time getting outside.

We put out a BIG circle of gloves out in the parking lot to practice turns and taking direction. The shoe box fronts paid off, because you could tell he was thinking about it every time he came in. He came in straight over and over.

Since everything was still wet, we picked something easy to do next. I stayed in the parking lot and had Rugby retrieving his dumbbell from the grassy area just on the other side of the lot. He ran as fast as he could out and as fast as he could coming in. And he gave me some more straight fronts, too!

We put our gloves and dumbbell away and got out our heeling stick. We heeled off-lead down the street to the park so that Rugby could run around like a maniac in the open space. He took a couple breaks (three to be exact) to cool off between his four spurts of zoomies. When he was all done, we heeled off-lead back to the house, with another pit stop for zoomies in a field closer to the house.

The rain had just started up again by the time we got back. Lets hope we get another break in the rain before Monday, when it's supposed to stop for good.

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