Saturday, September 10, 2011

Trail Training

Stump Sitting

Not much time today to fit training in around homework, so Rugby and I picked Diesel up and headed to the park for a quick walk around the bike path. Both dogs were excited to get out and about, but neither of them lasted for any amount of time. The thick, heavy air slowed us down.

The bike path Rugby, Diesel and I walked is a short one. It might be the shortest bike path every created. Even so, there is a path through the trees, so someone can shorten the shortest-bike-path-ever by another 50 ft. We usually pass by the shortcut and an extra 50ft of exercise in, but this time I noticed a fallen tree.

Diesel got to check the tree out first. That dog loves to jump. I'm not sure why he constantly feels the need to be higher than he stands (at 27.5" tall), but he is always jumping. To celebrate a job well done, he jumps. When he plays, he jumps. When he does a finish to the left, he jumps. Now that he has to jump when he retrieves, he can hardly contain himself. The tree was a perfect opportunity for him to do just that - to jump.

Retrieve Over Log

There was no way Rugby was getting over the tree, so I propped him up on top of it instead. It must have fallen some time ago, because the top side of it is worn down from people climbing over it, I assume. The smooth surface made it a little difficult for him to sit there, but being in a down wasn't so bad. He did not like that he was just sitting there watching Diesel have fun, but he got to have his own fun later.

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