Friday, September 23, 2011

Walking in the Rain

After a full week of being thoroughly neglected, Rugby finally got some training time in today. The first half we worked on go-outs. We found a great spot with sand and mulch to practice in, so that my driveway markers (that I use to make go-out channels) would be easy to get into the ground. Twenty minutes later, he was sending to each channel from 30ft. If we can stay motivated enough to practice consistently, we should be at full distance in no time at all.

Next was our off-lead walk. We worked on fast transitions, staying close, drop/sit/stand on recalls and signals. It started raining before we made it home. We ran the last 1/4 mile, but still came home soaked. Rugby raced around the living room approximately 674 times to dry off. I don't think it helped much.

1 comment:

  1. I love how dogs always think running around the living room is the solution to being wet!

    Rugby's expression in that photo is priceless. :) I think he'll make a great Serta sheep!