Saturday, September 3, 2011

Puppy Overload

I'm not touching you...

Rugby, Cabot, Mozart (the Giant Schnauzer puppy) and Burly (the Rottweiler puppy) had an after-class play-session this morning.

The Duo

We brought out the squeaky toys in hopes that the new puppy would pose for some pictures. We at least got one puppy interested, but he had to fight Rugby for it. 

Rugby likes puppy toys more than Mozart

Mozart couldn't care less about the toy. He was more interested in sticks, and dragging Burly around by his puppy drag line. Oh well, more squeaky toy for Rugby. 

Burly and Rugby

Burly's puppy breath must be wearing off because Rugby played with him today, even when the squeaky toy was gone! Maybe Burly has just gotten so big that Rugby can't smell the puppy-ness from so far up. 
That must be it. 

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