Sunday, October 23, 2011



Rugby is little. He gets fatigued when he is training or working for long periods of time. I was told a pick-me-up snack would keep him energized. We went to the store and found Zukes Power Boes 'Energy Treats for Active Dogs.' Perfect! I didn't read any further on the package and bought them.

About half-way through the bag (Rugby loves them although I'm not sure how well it works for what I want) I notice the company claims the protein and carbohydrate mixture is what makes the treats so effective. That is when I got confused. I did a lot of reading before switching Rugby over to a raw diet and nothing I read said anything about dogs needing carbs. Are carbohydrates really the key to keeping Rugby active? I wasn't so sure.

From "The Nutritional Requirements of Exercising Dogs" by Richard C. Hill
In dogs undertaking endurance exercise, such as sled dogs, high fat (>50% of energy) diets increase stamina and maximize energy production, and high protein (>30% of energy) diets prevent training-induced anemia.
From "Energy For The Athlete In Your Dog" by Ava Frick, DVM
Unlike human athletes who depend primarily on carbohydrates, the energy source for performance canines is dependent upon dietary fats. 
This article on Canine Performance Stress from Beagles Unlimited says the same thing. Dogs use fat as their energy source, not carbs.

What I was really looking for was a snack for Rugby with high fat content that Rugby can take to stay energized during long trial days. I think I found it. We haven't tried it yet, but this upcoming trial weekend seems like the perfect time to give it a shot. They are called Lakse Kronch Pemmikan Bars. They are made to do exactly what I want them for. They are 59% fat and 24% protein. We will see!

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