Thursday, October 6, 2011


Rugby is a big boy now. He has put on some weight recently and is now a healthy SEVEN pounds! They didn't even have him use the little dog scale this time at the vet's office. I put him on there just for good measure while we were waiting to be seen.

I like our new vet. We went there for the first time in Spring when Rugby had his ear infection. Luckily, we have only been there twice. There are several vets at the practice. We have met two. Why am I so happy with them? 1) Neither of the vets I met after realizing that Rugby was intact mentioned neutering him. 2) When I refused re-vaccinating, they offered to do titers. 3) They understood me being reluctant to use spot-on flea/tick treatments and offered alternatives. 4) Lastly, neither vet talked down to me or baby talked my dog.

Rugby went through quite a few vets before meeting these ones that meet the above criteria. The very first vet we went to when he was a puppy was the worst. I'm glad we didn't settle and stay there.

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