Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Helping Hand

When Rugby and I got home this afternoon, I was taking bags inside from my car and I accidentally pulled out a baseball cap I had sitting on the backseat with one of them. I had my hands full and I was not looking forward to putting everything down to put the hat back in the car.

I stepped towards the sidewalk and called Rugby so I could have him get the hat for me. I had let Rugby out on the other side of the car and released him so he could potty before we went inside. Instead of coming from the grassy area, he came from behind me. He had followed me around the car and by the time I saw him, he had already picked up the fallen hat. 

Since he was so eager to help, I had him carry it inside and thanked him for all his hard work.
It is those little things that make the different between a good dog and a great dog. Rugby is a great dog. At least I think so. 


  1. Rugby is an awesome dog, and too stinking cute, to boot!

  2. I will definitely have to work on Caruso's retrieve skills so he begins to think like that. Go, Rugby, go!