Friday, October 7, 2011


No Pets Allowed

We have neighbors that just moved in this year. They have two Chihuahuas.  When they first moved in I invited them to come to training classes with Rugby. They never came. That was before I realized how much they actually needed it. 

Every day these dogs are let out to potty without a leash. The two of them leave the apartment in a fury barking to make their way into the woods. Then they quickly disappear. As soon as they are out of sight, their owners start yelling one or both of the dogs' names repeatedly while clapping for what seems like an eternity (and just below my bedroom window to top it off).

I don't blame the dogs for wanting some time alone from these irrational owners. Its a wonder they come back at all. What I can't figure out is why these people continue to let their dogs out off-lead. There was a short time when they had a tie out stake set up. They didn't use it. I have no idea why not. 

Do they expect them to miraculously learn to come when called? Are they hoping to annoy the neighborhood enough that dogs are banned all together? Do they want their dogs to run straight into the mouth of a larger one so they don't have to worry about them any more? Maybe they want them to end up in the street. Maybe they are just trying to provide me with an alarm clock that doesn't have a snooze button? 

Enough is enough already. Do not risk your dog's life, and do not risk the ability of owners to keep dogs by continuously letting your untrained dogs off-lead in public. It is annoying. And I'm a dog person. I can't imagine what everyone else thinks. 

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  1. I can tell you why they do it... they're lazy and don't want to have to walk the dogs first thing in the morning. Having said that, if these owners would put in a little time, they could train the dogs to do their business and then come back without waking the neighbors. I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for this to happen though.

    My pet peeve lately are my neighbors who let their small children play in the street every evening. They scream and shriek until I want to go pinch their heads off.

    It's good to vent:)
    Tank's Asst.