Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lip Licking


The sacrifices of getting a decent posed photo of the dogs is a little lip licking. I keep replacement squeakers for squeaky toys in my camera bag to grab the dogs' attention, but today I was using a small treat. Luckily, the sacrifice is not that big and there are plenty of tongueless pictures to choose from. Sanity and Rugby agree that it was worth every bit of the suspense, and they didn't mind my tongue pictures at all.


  1. BOL - when we use treats we usually get a little drool in the picture too. If we are quick with the photos it isn't too bad, but if we aren't, Sam can end up pretty soggy!


  2. 0043 is a great shot of Sanity and Ruby of course looks cute in both pictures. I hope you get a shot of Jasmine so she makes the calendar again this year!

  3. I guess treat would cause lip licking. lol