Sunday, July 22, 2012

Towel Boy

I tried teaching Rugby to pull my towel off the towel rack to bring to me. We got as far as him standing on the wall and grabbing it. Then he was stuck. Rugby is such a gentleman that he could not possible use the force necessary to pull the towel from the rack.

He stood for a long while holding the towel in his mouth, half covering his face wagging his tail wildly as I encouraged him to pull. Tail wags don't pull towels though, so we had to try a different approach. 


This morning we back up a few steps, and worked on just retrieving the towel off of the ground. Even the weight of dragging the towel was hard for Rugby, not to mention the fact that it took some time to figure out he could not retrieve the towel if he was standing on it.


He has a great sense of humor and was pleased with the joke I was playing on him, so he kept trying until he figured out where to put his feet. Even with success, I think this task is too hard for him just yet. We will go back even further and start with a hand towel, then build up from there. He will be a towel boy soon enough.

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