Friday, July 27, 2012

The Soft Mouth

Our trainer issued a challenge to one of our classmates and his Newfoundland, to demonstrate that his dog had been taught to have a soft mouth. After his demonstration of Leo retrieving a small log last week, it was very entertaining to watch him successfully retrieve a raw egg this week. The egg was perfectly concealed in his mouth until the 'give' command was given and out popped an entire, un-cracked egg.

Rugby couldn't be left out, so I grabbed one of their extra eggs just to see if it would fit in his mouth. When it did, we moved out onto the floor and tried the following sequence with him. You can see the egg fall out of his mouth the first time he tried to pick it up in the video. Lucky he didn't break it! 

I already knew that Rugby had a soft mouth. This just confirms that he is willing to do seemingly pointless and ridiculous things for me... and have fun doing it. What a nice dog! 


  1. Thunder still wants to chomp on I don't think he would care about an egg, but a duck is a whole other thing. We work on it all of the time. Cute video and good dog Rugby.

  2. Oh Rugby you continue to be an inspiration to us to keep plugging along in our training! Amazing.

  3. still working on this one with Derek and Caruso