Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Placing

Rugby practiced his places somewhere new yesterday, on a more elevated place board. He did really well, and we were able to get further than 4.5 feet (to 6 ft), although I would not say it is 'solid.'

It was quite amusing though one of the times he placed he caught a glimpse of some little white dog in the mirror, and had to tell me about it. When I called him off the place board we went over to investigate and you should have seen how confused he was when he found ME in the mirror! He would look at me through the mirror, then look straight up at me....then look at himself in the mirror. He was quite confused! :p

Later we practiced some stands which he 'forgot' how to do. So I just went back to helping him up and we did it over and over again. He did towards the end give me one where I didn't have to help him, so I am not sure if he really had a brain lapse or just didn't feel like it. :p

The attention it still there, he just stares at me while we work. It is a really good thing!

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