Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This morning Rugby practiced his heeling. He was quite distracted, but got along okay. We did a few stands but they were a little dissapointing.

This evening we did a bunch of stands untill he figured it out again. (has been a while for this too). Now he will stand (most of the time) just when I put my hand down under him (without me lifting up for him). We will do a few tomorrow and hopefully he hasn't forgoten by then! :p

Rugby has been getting scared of silly things lately, and barking at them. I guess it is just his age. Today the wind blew over a potted tree we have out front and when we went out to potty, you would have though the world was ending. Rugby couldn't believe someone would just throw a tree in his yard like that! And this evening in the middle of our stands I took my jacket off and threw it on the couch. He thought that was really scary too. I guess it is just the age he is at--luckily he gets over it quick enough. Fun times.

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