Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rainy Day

You can see how sleepy Rugby was after a nice long training session....

Yesterday Rugby was trying his hardest to chase the neighbors away by barking at them through the front door. I was all the way in the kitchen, and I though...might as well try and knelt down with a 'Rugby come.' Much to my surprise the little stinker spins around and runs as fast as he could to me! I was really happy with him. :) Those 'comes' off the place board are starting to pay off.

Later in the afternoon we practiced some more placing. He is getting really good at it. We can place from a solid 4.5 ft away, but after that it is a little questionable. We also did a couple of sit stays since we sort of have been forgetting about them. He didn't miss a beat though and picked them up right where we had left off (6 ft for 2 min). He has been having to stay and wait right inside the door when we come home from walks while I go put his leash, etc away. I am going wayy more than 6 ft from him there, but it isn't really for any significant amount of time. One thing I noticed last night while we were working was the attention he gave me. I haven't ever had that much attention from him before. We were inside yesterday (since it was 40* and raining), so that proably explains it a little bit....a lot less distractions. Even still, I was impressed with him.

We did have someone watch us stand the other day, and turns out he is just a show off. :)

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