Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yappy Halloween

No formal work today, instead we went to a halloween party. Rugby was soo brave, especially with the multiple great danes there. He did very well though and made lots of friends and also had lots of admirers. We have a picture from the photographer there, but I snapped a few snap shots of a couple of the dogs costumes before we left. I will put those up this weekend after I *hopefully* pass my calc exam! He is now officially worn out from meeting all those people and dogs and passed out on the couch next to me :). Rugby is going to a halloween class tomorrow, and then trick or treating friday. He has much to look forward to!

Oh, and he did end up going as a panda in the one that is too small. The good didn't go over his head, and it didn't cover his whole back, but that was okay...he was still the cutest. Joy was able to fit the bigger one, so they were a matching pair. :) The other dog that went with us, a cardigan corgi was a bat. :)

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