Thursday, October 23, 2008

Review Day

We were very productive today to make up for the lack or motivation/time yesterday. We did some places which he did very well at again today. It was earlier in the day, so we had some dogs and kids and people walking by for distractions. He did bark at them, but he did it all while keeping all his paws on the place board, so I let him. Also, I have been trying to release Rugby off the place board most of the times with the come command since I haven't quite figured a good way to incorporate it into our training otherwise.

We moved on to some stands, which were also improved. They are there with only my fake helping him up about 85% of the time. He just need lots more repetitions, and he has got it! :)

Rugby decided though, that since he has to learn all this new stuff--he will only sit when he thinks it is a good idea. I have been slacking a bit on practicing random sits, etc but he has no excuse not to do his automatic sits, and sits when heeling. Sooo--Rugby was reminded how fun it is to sit. :)

I am pleased with how well he did today, he got better at everything we worked on (just not all at the same speed).

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