Friday, January 2, 2009

Back to Work

We have really been slacking, and taken a break over the holdiays from most of the formal training. Today we got back to work a little bit.

Started with fetching. He really loves to retrieve and is doing really really well. I think we need to work on the hold (officially) so we can work our way to picking it up from the ground.

We did a lot of heel/come transitions, and I think it helped him understand what each of them were a little bit. I didn't have to help as much getting him from the come to the heel. He also came in closer the first time I asked for a come from further away (does that make sense?).

We also did a couple of stand-stays. I recruited my brother to walk by and touch rugby for a couple of our stand stays and Rugby didn't care. I need to find someone he doesn't know to do it though (or at least someone he doesn't know well).

Then we played the sit game a couple of times, but this time I also didn't help him any. He did pretty good for most of them. He will definetely get it if we practice some more.

I have noticed just the past couple of weeks that I have soo much more of his attention. He has finally decided that I might be a little bit interesting. I think that not only can he understand me better, but he can better express himself to me better. I don't know if this has made his personality stronger, or he just is showing it in a more appropriate way, but he is as cute as ever!! He has been minding his manners around the horses more too and sticking around and being a little more attentive. I can see a glimpse of the mature Rugby...the training is starting to show in him.....a little. haha ;)

But we do need to work on a little barking issue we have. He doesn't really bark at home, or places he goes a lot. BUT new places, he is a barking machiene. And he doesn't even really need to be barking at something...just barking. He likes to hear himself bark, just a little conceited.

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