Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hold it

Now that we are back to training more regularly I think Rugby is much more happy. Sunday we took a walk at our grandmothers house, and worked on our heel, down, stand stay and come. The down and stand were good, the heeling while moving was okay. The problem is he knows he has to be on my left side and in the right spot, but he does not know that as 'heel.' At least not as well as I would like. The come is also a little lacking. Later that day we went to our aunts house, and he played with Ben the ginormous golden retriever for the first time. Ben loved him and would lay on the ground just to be on Rugbys level.

Can't really remember what we did Monday but today we worked on the hold for his retrieve. This way we can work up to having him walk around with the dumbell in his mouth, and also eventually get him to pick it up off the ground. We also got some help on the heel/come/heel thing so we can keep going with that.

It is time to go work again now that Rugby is done sleeping so here we go...

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