Sunday, January 11, 2009


So Rugby has stayed home with the family while I am off in Florida this week. This is the first time I have had to leave him since we got him! I am a little scared (don't trust too many people with my puppy...including my family) but I am sure that he will survive. I just keep telling myself that the worst they can do is wave treats infront of his face, let him get away with a couple bad things and feed him food more often than he needs. None of it will kill him so I guess I should just relax. ;) Good Luck Rugby!

My brother was finally able to get Rugby to do a down, so that is a good sign. They don't ask the right way and even if they did Rugby doesn't really respect them enough to listen (he has been able to get away with not listening to them too many times). At first when I noticed they had to ask 3-4 times and add all these movements and stuff to get him to down that it would make it harder on me, but it hasn't had any effect really and he still does it the right way with only the verbal command when I tell him. My sister still can't figure out how come if she gets a treat and drags it around Rugby still won't sit or down for her. I caught her doing this and Rugby was completely blowing her off. I told her she was insulting his intelligence and called him to me and had him sit, down, sit. He did all three right away. I have offered to teach them how to train Rugby and tell him commands but no one wants to so untill they do he just wont listen to them.

He is having a whole week off from training and I am sure he isn't even having to work a little bit(seeing as they can't get him to even down). BUT, he is getting played with a lot and taken for extra walks. I suppose he will just be extra eager to work when I get back ;)

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