Thursday, January 8, 2009

Class Time

So, Rugby went to class, and he did pretty well except that he forgot how to come! (not entirely, but.....still sucked). We actually had been working on it, but only at home so that is where the problem comes. We need more distractions and more places to practice. He did good with everything else though. He heeled, downed, sat and stayed.

We went to the barn this morning, and he stayed out of the way of the horses, and stayed close and barked less (less is relative...he is a loud mouth there). I can't quite figure out why he barks to much there, because he is relatively quite most other places. We did have to work to get him quite so maybe he is just a big-mouth in new places? Hmmmm.

We both stink like horse poo now though, so we need to take care of that!

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