Monday, September 19, 2011

Back in the game

Rugby went to a match this weekend. He was a maniac! Even though I could hard contain him during his first Open run, he was surprisingly precise. He gave me straight fronts, straight finishes, and tight heeling for both runs.

Things to work on from Open:
FAST - Rugby has the fastest fast ever when he is 'up' and I had to sprint to keep up with him!
Figure 8 - the second run was better, but I want someone to video us. I can't tell if he is lagging or not on the outside turn
Broad Jump - Its not a problem yet, but he is getting closer and closer to cutting the corner of the jump.

Rugby also did two Utility runs in the other building. It was hot over there. Rugby wasn't too happy about it. Scent articles were SUPER easy for him. He was quick and confident in picking the correct article every time. Those stairwell workouts helped!

Things to work on from Utility:
Turns - The heeling deteriorated slightly in Utility. I'm not sure if it was because if was the 3rd and 4th runs of the day, or because it was hot. I am going to address it as an endurance problem and go from there.
SIT Signal - I have to hold that signal a *smidgen* longer than the others. We must be neglecting that one in practice.
Finishes - Again, not sure if this is endurance, or a lack of confidence on Rugby part but he only did it in Utility. When he finished in Utility, he came further around so he could get a good look at my face.
Go-outs - We haven't been practicing. It showed. I put a target out for both runs to help him remember what to do. He needed them.

Overall, I am happy. The things we have to work on are easy (except maybe go-outs haha). If I can get ahead enough in my school work, then we might just enter a trial or two and get Rugby back in the game. It means we have to add a little more training time to our daily routine though.

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  1. You guys keep me motivated! So much so, we are entered in Open B for the first time this weekend, just to keep us in the game. Mind you, we were on vacation for the past 2 weeks, so I have no idea what to expect from either of us!

    However, I'm crazy enough to waste my money on real trial entries instead of matches, just 'cause they are closer than the match sites...

    Cabot says BARK!