Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Decorating - Day 7


We didn't actually decorate the tree tonight, but we pretended to. I even spent 5 minutes teaching Rugby to target the ornament so that I could get a before-hanging and after-hanging shot. He was too fast and it was too dark so the pictures were blurry.  Poor Rugby doesn't realize that all that hard work putting the ornament up was for nothing since it has to come down to put the lights on. I'll make sure he doesn't see. 



  1. Those are great pictures. Maybe Rugby can help again after lights. :)

    Also, I am sharing the Leibster Award with you because I love your blog. :) Details on my website.

  2. These are such terrific photos! I really can't hope to compare. *bows to the master* It helps that you have such a perfect subject, I am sure, but there is a lot of skill there too.

    Actually, I was inspired by one of yours to start teaching Shiva how to hold things in her mouth. It's not been easy and so far I can't get to her to hold something for more than a couple seconds. Not nearly long enough for a photo. Do you have any helpful tips?

  3. Come to Applewoods Dog Training's retrieve class starting soon and find out how to have a working retrieve! great pics, Sam.