Thursday, December 15, 2011

We Have Arrived - Day 15

Orlando Airport

We had a safe flight down to Florida this morning. Rugby did let out a couple of squeaks on the plane, but I doubt anyone but me noticed. We got there way to early to check into our hotel, so went straight to the show site instead. There are trials leading up to AKC's Eukanuba National Championship that started yesterday. That means the convention center is already filled with dogs, exhibitors and vendors. There are some great shopping opportunities here and we spent almost the entire day scouting out our favorite products and this weekends potential buys. 

Hamster Wheel This might just be the coolest thing you have ever seen. A hamster wheel for your dog. Who knew. GoPet also has a more traditional treadmill for pooches, but that is a lot less fun. I did not let Rugby try out the giant hamster wheel but I am regretting it now. It would have been fun watching him realize that he was taking a walk to nowhere.

I was toting Rugby around in his Sturdibag, and he was complaining about it being too hot. I didn't want him walking around, wasting his precious energy so I took him out and carried him some to let him cool off. That was until we went into the Mountain Valley Country Store booth. They had gorgeous purses with different breeds painted on them, collars and show clothes. They also had my absolute favorite purchase of the day. This isn't the first time I have seen slings for dogs, but it is the first time I tried it. It is wonderful. Rugby can rest comfortably close to me, he is able to see everything that is going on, I have my hands free and having the sling wrapped around me makes Rugby seem so much lighter than he is!

If it is one thing Rugby can use a little more of, it is bling. There were plenty of vendors offering it too. Bling It On had some really pretty bling collars that would look great on Rugby. Scarlett Dream Coats had super cute rain coats in Rugby's favorite colors, too.

We are constantly on the lookout for while slip collars for Rugby to show in. We like that they blend in to his fur and it looks like he is working naked. Sit Up 'n' Beg had soft, rolled leather collars that came in white as well as some more ornate collars and leashes. Gear to Go had just what we were looking for. Basic, thin, white nylon slip collars in Rugby's size. We bought everything he had on the shelf. It is easy to turn a white collar into a not-so-white collar, and we need plenty of replacements.

I'll be sure to post the other half of our favorite vendors list tomorrow. Now, its time for dinner!


  1. It sounds like you are having a good time already! Love your red and green picture for today!

  2. Where would I find a list of the dogs that are competing?
    Again good luck

  3. Good luck, you two! I can't wait to hear how it all goes. I have a feeling you are going to be rockstars out there.

  4. So glad you all are having fun and so glad you are keeping us up to date. :) Say hi to Pam.