Friday, December 23, 2011

Important People - Day 23

Our red and green picture doesn't match this post, but it is there anyway.

It is time to re-visit our NOI experience.

While my videos are saving and uploading, I want to mention some pretty great people that we know, and some that we met in Orlando.

Cabot's human, Pam, went with us to the NOI and she was such a great help! It was much more fun and a lot easier with her there. THANK YOU!

Rugby also had a great support group back at home from Team Applewoods. They were the ones that convinced us to go in the first place. I'm glad they did. We were regularly updating Team Applewoods and the rest of our friends through Facebook, and we got some of the very best encouragement. While we were sitting ringside, Moxie, another Obedience Maltese posted a good luck note on our wall. Is that cute, or what?

This years NOI featured the first ever National Juniors Obedience Competition (NJOC). That meant that 1) LOTS of people asked me if I was a junior and 2) I got to see some great up and coming Obedience handlers. One of those talented competitors is a fellow blogger. Mica (15 years old) and her dog Ginger, a German Shepherd Dog, showed in the NJOC. They ended up WINNING the Beginner Novice Intermediate Class. Congrats!!

You can read more about Mica and Ginger at their blog - GingerSnaps. They just recently earned their Companion Dog (CD) title, and they also compete in schutzhund! That is a tough sport! Go visit them, and congratulate them on their success!


  1. Congratulations to both of you again! Thanks for the update!

  2. I check your blog before I go to bed at night, lots of fun.

  3. I checked the Ginger snaps blog and it is only open to invited people. Maybe you can share our emails and she can invite the Applewoods crew?

  4. Awww thanks Rugby (a.k.a Samantha) for giving us a big fat wedge in Rugby's pawesome blog! Ginger and I read his blog everyday.

  5. Elice Shelton: Is it still only open to invited people? I thought I changed that weeks/months ago. I'll go see if I can fix it. Isn't Rugby's blog so much fun? He deserved to win the Obedience toy group. He is no doubt the best toy dog in Obedience. Go Rugby!

  6. It was my absolute pleasure to be in Orlando with you both!! I wouldn't have missed it for the world. An excuse to attend the biggest show on the east coast? I'm there!

    I was so proud of both you and Rugby and can't wait to go again, next year.

  7. Hi Rugby & Samantha. Would it be okay with Rugby if I posted a link to his blog on Ginger's blog too? Oh, and maybe a picture? Thanks

  8. Love Rugby's green and red picture! Moxie's good luck message is just too cute. Glad you had such a nice time. It sounds just wonderful!