Friday, December 2, 2011

Not Maltese, But Close - Day 2

Rugby at the Tree Farm

Rugby went straight from the groomers to the tree farm today. Mark this day down on your calendars as the earliest day our family has ever gotten our Christmas tree. I'm still in shock. Usually we end up spread out inside of an enclosed section of parking lot that is stuffed full of trees. This time we went straight to the source.

Tree Farm Shop

I can't say the experience was too much different than our previous parking lot ones. We didn't cut down our own tree, or walk through long lines of carefully planted fir trees. It did seem like a more authentic Christmas experience, though. We were shopping next to those long lines of fir trees and instead of paying the guy standing with a money box balanced on a stool, there was a cute little Christmas shop selling ribbons, stockings, and other holiday paraphernalia. I helped myself to one of their displays and put Rugby right in the middle of it for a picture.

Photoshop Tree Farm

I noticed on the way home how similar their farm name was to Rugby's breed. Their sign would be much improved if it read "Maltese Christmas Trees" instead of "Matesevac Christmas Trees." It didn't take long to edit our photo so that it read the more appropriate word either. Looks much better, right? 


  1. Love the sign! Rugby looks illuminated in the pictures with the sign. (Maybe it is his fresh grooming? lol) The red and green picture is very nice too.

  2. Thanks! Those little reindeer lit up around him reflected nicely off his coat. I figured if he was right in the middle of them, he could be more easily seen in the otherwise dark picture.

  3. Love his hair cut. He looks so pretty! :)