Thursday, November 6, 2008

Class Again

Rugby went to class again tonight. We were a little ball of energy so we weren't quite as good as last time. We did a couple stays, comes, heeling, a little bit of standing and a tiny bit of backing. To work on...we really really need a stand and a down. I am getting frusterated with myself for no doing the stand enough with him. So 2 times a day for at least the next week! Once we get the stand He can go to the down, because that is even more important but one thing at a time. We also need to work on our comes a little more too. Today he came, but came and stopped about two feet away from me. :( ...thats not going to work. :p SO we have a lot to work on, and hopefully we will be plenty prepared by next week.

Oh, and Rugby needs a negative space! HAVE to get on that!

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