Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fall is almost over!

So just had to take some pictures before all we have is snow on the ground! (YEAH FOR SNOW) Today was our first snow--nothing special but it was so great to see all that white stuff falling from the sky!
This first picture with his tongue out is my favorite ;)

He has been doing pretty well with his training, although it hasn't gotten all the time that it deserves--he is maintaining pretty well. He wasn't crazy about having this photo shoot today, and I can't believe I got him to look at the camera for these pictures.
Last night he went to class with me and he did not let out one peep the whole class. He did bark before class though, and I am glad he got it out of his system before he got me into trouble. :p Seem like he barked at people carrying things the most
(like people moving a folding table, carrrying an instrument, wearing a hood). He also liked when he echoed inside--he is sort of conceited and likes to hear his own voice (just like everytime he chases after his toy he goes and stands in the front door for a couple seconds just so people can see that he got it haha).
Quite the character he is. :)

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