Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday Night

So. Class time.

We behaved better than last time, but we still hace lots to work on. So I know this is like the 100th time I have said that we are GOING to GET the stand, but this time we really are--just because we need to learn to 'down.' Then our dumbell is coming, and we are going to need to learn that too. We did work on the stand a little this morning and before class, and it isn't horrible, but it isn't ready to be a command yet....(or should I say still). We also did the transition to the negative space this morning, and he was actually a little enthused to have something different to go to instead of the boring old place board. He switched over very quick with no issues..yet. :p (not going to jinx myself). At class he even placed to the negative space from 15 ft away. He only got off track twice...maybe three times...(by off track I mean distracted or doing something else besides placing), and I can deal with that for now. The comes....I just don't get it. He insists that I ask twice, and I keep having to insist that I don't, and we are in this rut because of it. He did pretty good with some encouragement from the line today though, but he does need to make the move himself and he need to come in closer to me.

On a random note, he got the cutest christmas scrunchie collar thing. It is red and white and has little bells on it. He wore it to class and jungled all over the place.

OH...and he can offically jump on the couch by himself now. He might have been able to before, but he hasn't really showed an interest unless there were humans on it, and then he always just asked to be picked up out of habit I guess. Today I took his scrunchie collar off and threw it on the couch and he just popped up there to get it for me. :O I was schocked, so I had him do it a couple more times to make sure it wasn't a fluke...sure enough he can do it! lol

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