Friday, November 7, 2008

Hello World

So we are actually going to use this new motivation of ours. We went out this morning and did some training. We took our place board and heeled our way over to an open area. He did pretty good on the heeling, and the sit were really nice in the beginning too. We place from a little past 6 ft today, and he was good at it as always. I am still a little impressed though just because we have been practicing inside and I though we would have to move in a little closer since there would be more distractions, but instead we moved further away! We did three places each on two sides of the place board and we switched it up and did some stands...and lots of them.

He did really well, which also surprised because last night in class he wasn't helping me at all with the stand, but today he was. Once we started to do the stand the quality of our helling went down a bit. I have been very naughty and being a little forgiving when he sits crooked in heel position, or a little in front or back...but not anymore. When he sat too far forward, my next step was a right about turn. When he sat to far back, by next step was running. By the end, he was a lot better. He is pretty smart so he didn't need to many of those types of corrections to figure it out.

About half way through the stands he saw something (not sure what) and gave a couple of barks, and insisted that he must sit in the direction facing whatever it was just in case he needed to protect himself *rollseyes.* Well another thing we need to work on is the barking. I know some of it will go away just by us working, but I think I need to be a little more proactive with it. Since Rugby is very concious of getting stepped on, I just kept moving into his space untill he decided maybe it is a good idea to pay attention to where this human is. If he got to foar away, I turned around and asked for a heel. I think it really helped a lot. He did this a second time, and I handled it in the same way and he was much faster about redirecting the attention back to me. I was pleased....we just have to change his priorities.

When all that was over we went back to the place on the sides we did not do. When we first went back, he again became distracted and ignored the place command...he was corrected for that and did not do it again. ;) Next time he went very well. It wasn't 6 ft since we were on a path, and we used up the sides of the board that we had 6 ft on either side in the begining. :p I decided to call it a day since we had done so much.

On the way back home, he decided to try his luck again with sitting to far in front, so a few right-about turns fixed that and he sat straight a couple time before we got inside. He is one tired puppy.

Just to side note...this litte crack head has THREE beds in this room and he is sleeping on the FLOOR!!??? What a silly boy, maybe I can convince him to move onto one of his beds. lol

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