Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So, we didn't end up working another time today but we were able to make Rugby his own negative space. :) It is a little bit big, but I figure if it needs another inch taken off the side than that is better than having it cut too short. He DID however, once the negative space was made do a place. We needed to give an explanation to the grandparents (since we used their saw to cut the pvc pipe) so I pulled out his place board, put the negative space on it, and reached for his leash. BUT, he was paying attention, so I turned in a way that I picked him up on my left side said heel sit, which he did both (with no leash or anything) and then i bent over and pointed to the place and gave the 'place' command. That amazing little boy went, walked right up there and sat there just staring at me. *melts* What a smarty pants. :) Then he did a very decent come off the board.

Then, they had a little white stool that was similar to one Rugby had placed on before, so I decided to give it a shot. It was a little taller than the one he did before so he was reluctant, but I just snapped the leash on him and helped him up once, then he did it by himself twice. Again...super smart guy.

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