Monday, November 10, 2008


So I haven't worked on it as much as I would have liked, but it did get done ever day this weekend. Saturday there was only a small time frame to work with him, so I had to disturb his napping to work. He wasn't too unhappy about it, but it did drastically reduce the amount of training we could do before he pooped out on me. He was standing beautifully, and all I was having to do was just touch the top of his back (didn't have to go all the way down and help him up). He was fantastic, and I did just one too many and he quite on me. He just stopped getting up all together and it was back on me again. :(

Sunday was interesting. We worked over at a friends house, where there was an evil cat and a chihuahua mix (?) to distract us. Just regular command he was ignoring so we went for a little walk to get his attention back on me, and he was much much better again, like he was Saturday morning (only helped him once on the first one). We also placed a couple times and did a very lonely sit stay. :p

Today he was tired again by the time I worked him. He spent a little time outside in one of the runs while I worked a couple of different dogs, then got to come out and play while I tried to leaf-blow an entire yard of leaves into a pile (not as easy as you would think :p). Rugby, the little charmer that he is, had almost convinced one of the more reserved dogs to play with him but he only got as far as a couple play bows and a bark. He also spent a good time playing with Duke, the doberman puppy, who was surprisingly gentle with him. When the leaves were done he moved inside with me and played even more with Wrap, his dobe girlfriend. He was really tired from all that playing so we just heeled over to the table, and then did stands around the table. This was at least 2 hours ago and he is still sleeping (in a bed this time

It was interesting, because he again died pretty quick, but this time I did not stop and he only had me help him all the way twice, then started doing it by himself again. It was like a fast forward of Saturday-Sundays trainings.

I still have not introduced the word 'stand' just because of the back and forth we are doing right now. I think If I can manage to work him twice tomorrow and twice wednesday, maybe we can start with the word Wednesday sometime. Depends how he does tomorrow. :)

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