Friday, November 14, 2008


So last night Rugby went to class again. He was having trouble coming though. He did one of two things. 1) Came but stopped a couple feet from me jumping around like a crazy boy or 2) just stayed untill I called him twice and then he proceeded to do the above. So to fix that, when I called him and he didn't come, I was to run away and hide. It only took him about 15 seconds to become become concerned with where I was and he came :). So we did this a few times last night and did some this morning too. This morning, we did it 5 times and every time I had to run away. THEN, on the 6th time he ran full speed at me and sat down like a pro. We were doing it at different place throughout the house, and when we moved back downstairs I had to run away again, but he was much quicker about finding me.

At first, his stays were aweful last night. I was running around with him before class started and he was not convinced that we were finished playing. After breaking so many times and getting corrected so many times though he was pretty much back to normal by the end.

He was also having trouble sitting when I told him to sit last night too (he would take a couple steps then sit). He wasn't doing it at home earlier that day or this morning, so I think it was just being need to find some more distractions at home.

We did stand a little bit last night but it was not as good as it has been.

Phew, we have so many things to work on, it is hard keeping them all straight and finding the time to work on them all! :O He was definetely not on his best behavior last night.

He was a little crazy this morning, and his poor toy can be testimony to that now that it is missing an eye, and has a gaping wound in its armpit. LOL Poor bunny. His xtra large petsmart dog also lost an ear and has a little gash in his stomache (suprising since the toy is way bigger than he is). So violent!

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